All Slug recordings now available on Apple Music and Spotify

Now that all of Slug‘s albums and singles are out in the digital ether, we’ve decided to take one more tentative step into the 21st century.

Yes you can still find all of our recordings on, but NOW you can also listen on your favorite newfangled internet music player!

Apple Music

The albums can also be found on Amazon Music, YouTube Music and even Pandora.


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New Remastered editions of “The Out Sound” and “The 3 Man Themes” now available on Bandcamp

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the recording of our final album, we’ve reissued both of Slug‘s full length albums in new remastered editions.

The Out Sound, recorded between May and August 1993 and released in early 1994, was Slug‘s first full length album. The double-LP version included a red flexi-disc with Crawl, one of Slug‘s most… controversial (?) tracks.

Slug‘s final album, The 3 Man Themes, was recorded in the summer of 1995 and released in April 1996. This new remastered edition includes the track Silver Man, recorded as part of the 3 Man Themes sessions and originally included on the compilation 2xCD The Poop Alley Tapes.

Remastering was done by our own Damion Romero from original master tapes.

Both albums come with all new cover artwork designed by renowned graphic designer Fred Davis, who has done some pretty great covers for The Criterion Collection amongst other things.

Both albums are available exclusively for a limited time at