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Photos by Wild Don Lewis


For much of Slug‘s existence, photographer Don Lewis was on hand, going to our shows, dropping in on our recording sessions, and capturing a great visual record of what we were doing.

We asked Don if we could post a few of his photos here on, and he generously turned over a huge archive of pics from his years of following us around L.A. We’ll be posting them here in small batches over the next several months so keep your eyes open, and give Don some love by visiting his site at

“Swingers” and “Early Volume” now available on Bandcamp

Slug‘s first recordings, all made between 1991 and 1994, are now available for the first time as digital download from Slug‘s Bandcamp page.

We have released two albums:

Swingers is a re-issue of our first album, an EP originally released on 10″ vinyl in 1992. In addition there are three never-before-released tracks: “Diesel” (originally recorded for a compilation that never came out), “Horrible Skull” (we’re not sure why this was never released…) and an alternate recording of “Swingers” with backing vocals by Carla Bozulich and Beth Capper.

Early Volume is a new collection of our singles and tracks from various compilations we appeared on over the years. Most of the tracks on this release were only ever available on vinyl.

Both albums are available at now.

To soothe your rattled nerves: Godstopper

godstopper-cropAs you may have heard, on November 18th Slug is re-releasing all of our pre-1994 recordings for you to enjoy with your loved ones over Thanksgiving dinner. And to further whet your appetite for late 20th century noise, we’ve decided to release another track in advance.

According to our own Mr. S. K. Ratter, “Godstopper” is a meditation on our crass society and evil leaders”, so it seems particularly appropriate given the events of this past week. The song was originally sold on a one-sided single, and was only available directly from the band during our first national tour in 1992. It was a limited edition of 200 copies with individually stamped covers and record labels, and sold out very quickly.

To help ease that ominous sense of despondence you may be feeling of late, we’re giving you the digitally remastered “Godstopper” for free this week only at We will heartily endorse its use at your next protest march.

Please enjoy, and come back in a week for all of “Swingers” and “Early Volume”.

“Swingers” and “Early Volume” coming on November 18th (and an unreleased track available now!)

As you may know, there’s been a long delay in the re-issuance of Slug‘s early recordings. This was due to a reluctance on the part of former Slug impresario Reginald Barnes, who  long held that Slug‘s earliest recordings should remain as relics of an previous era (e.g. 1991-92). Nevertheless, the gentlemen of Slug finally succeeded in prying the master recordings from Barnes’ grip. They’ve digitally remastered them and are ready to re-issue them one month from today, on November 18th, 2016.

There will be two re-issues available:

Swingers will contain the tracks from the original 10″ EP, as well as other tracks that were recorded during the same sessions. It will also include a never-before-released alternate version of “Swingers” with backing vocals by Carla Bozulich and Beth Capper.

Early Volume will have all of the 7″ singles and compilation tracks, many of which weren’t released on CD and have never been available in any digital form.

Both albums will be released on on November 18th, 2016, a mere 10 days after the collapse of American democracy. What a great way to celebrate the end of the world!

Oh, and one more thing: to kick-off the month-until-this-happens, we’re issuing a previously unreleased track today! Diesel, a song originally recorded for an aborted compilation of car songs (don’t ask), is now available on Go get it!

“Early Volume” coming soon!

In celebration of the upcoming 25th anniversary of the release of “Sore Thumb”, Slug‘s first single, the gentlemen of Slug have emerged from their respective retirement communities, emboldened to get the rest of their catalog out in digital form.

“Early Volume”, the long time in coming compendium of everything Slug released that wasn’t on the two albums, will be issued on Slug‘s new Bandcamp page in the next few months. Stay tuned to, and our Twitter and Facebook pages for updates.

In the meansocktime to get you ready, here’s a free download! A 12 minute sample of “Sock”, the lock groove at the end of the b-side of Slug’s “Sore Thumb” seven inch. The kids will love it!


Download now at