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’92 Partial Tour Diary

A Brief State-By-State Synopsis of the 1992 Slug (LA) North American Tour Odyssey.

California: Leave at 1a.m. Bless the van. We find a “Bush & Quayle In ’92” campaign sign in the gutter next to the van and take it with us in case we have any encounters with red necks or cops. 5 people plus equipment in this van.

Arizona: Straight long roads, beautiful clouds above us.

New Mexico: Few signs of life. Mesas. Amazing natural sights. Batteries running low in tape player.

Texas: Transmission fluid leaks and almost strands us. We’re in a rented van, but it’s a lemon. We have to get off at a conservative truck stop. The Bush sign goes up on the van window as cover. We get transmission fluid and leave.

Oklahoma: Not much happens, thank god.

Kansas: Amazing country drive from 6 a.m. to 12 p.m.

Missouri: We play to 25 teenage punks at The Vault in Kansas City, MO with Morphine and Plague.

Iowa: We perform at Harry May’s in Des Moines with Silkworm and get a good guarantee, one of the only well paying gigs this trip. The club is big and the sound is awesome. Good mid-American feel to the place.

Illinois: We’re in Chicago. Drama and nightmares with van. We play the Lounge Axe with Cherubs and Crust. Rich and Michael B get in a fight during out set on stage.

Wisconsin: We play Madison at OK Corrals with Pachinko, a great local noise band, and Cherubs.

New York: On Thursday we go to a show at Danceteria with Bleech, Smashing Orange, Unsane, Mule and more. Friday we go to CMJ Conference panels and hang out.