Slug‘s entire discography is now available in digitally remastered editions.

Our two full-length albums, The Out Sound and The 3 Man Themes, are now available with new cover artwork created by renowned graphic artist Fred Davis.



Swingers, originally issued as a vinyl 10″ EP, includes three previously-unreleased tracks. Early Volume is a collection of all of Slug‘s singles and compilation tracks.

Except for 2 tracks on Early Volume, everything has been remastered from original master recordings by our own Damion Romero.

All are exclusively available for a limited time on

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  1. If I remember correctly the play time for the vinyl version of 3 Man Themes was longer than the CD version. Any chance the longer songs will be made available digitally?


  2. So stoked you are finally reissuing this stuff. Saw you guys at AS220 in Providence eons ago and I’ve listened to this stuff regularly since. Cheers from Philly!


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