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Live Gallery #1

In the bottom photo, that’s Carla Bozulich helping Steve out with the vocals, as Robert Hammer (engineer of many of Slug’s early recordings, just below Steve’s head) and Corrin (from Ben is Dead, on the left) watch.

You can hear Carla’s talents on our recent reissue of Swingers, as she along with Beth Capper provided vocals on an alternate recording of the title track.

Photos by Wild Don Lewis

Photos by Wild Don Lewis


For much of Slug‘s existence, photographer Don Lewis was on hand, going to our shows, dropping in on our recording sessions, and capturing a great visual record of what we were doing.

We asked Don if we could post a few of his photos here on slugla.com, and he generously turned over a huge archive of pics from his years of following us around L.A. We’ll be posting them here in small batches over the next several months so keep your eyes open, and give Don some love by visiting his site at wilddonlewis.com.